OCLS License to Learn Contest

OCLS License to Learn Contest - Get Your Very Own Library Card
Posted on 10/28/2020
Orange County Library System Goodie Bag for New MembersThornebrooke has always been one of the top schools in participation for the OCLS License to Learn contest. Let's make this year better than ever! Each week the top schools will be highlighted in the OCLS newsletter.

A full-access library card opens the door to all of the materials and resources OCLS provides, and it

inspires a love of lifelong learning!

If your child does not have a LIBRARY CARD OF THEIR VERY OWN, click here to apply for one.

OCLS will issue and mail library cards directly to the applicant's home. Students who sign up for their library card will also be sent a library goodie bag to welcome them into the library as a cardholder.