TES has a paid Chess club in both the fall and spring.  The fall club is VIRTUALLY underway and has a great group of enthusiastic players, from kindergarten through 5th grade. If you are interested in joining the club or for private lessons contact:

Steven Vigil at [email protected]

ChessKid for all Students

Playing chess can enhance skills students can take with them throughout life such as strategy, problem solving, creativity, perseverance and calculated risk-taking. OCPS is excited to continue our partnership with ChessKid, the world’s number one chess site for kids, to provide every student and teacher access to ChessKid thru Launchpad.  Students can learn and play chess online with tactics, puzzles, videos, lessons, and participate in virtual chess tournaments.  Starting in January of 2021, all students and teachers will have access to the Gold Level memberships, which allows for unlimited puzzles and puzzle duels, opens all lesson levels, videos, Bot Chess levels, and workouts.  

Students with active ChessKid accounts will be added to their Learning Community Club and will be able to participate in weekly virtual chess tournaments on ChessKids. Thornebrooke is part of the West Learning Community and will have weekly tournaments Mondays at 5:00pm.